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Hello everyone, and welcome to GroupHop! We are excited to announce GroupHop has launched! You are now able to plan, book, and manage your next trip with friends and family in one place.

GroupHop - travel planning
Get ready to make planning and booking your next trip with friends or family a snap!

We hope that you will share your excitement, expectations, and travel plans with us here on our blog, or through social media. This will help us build a travel planning solution that will help trip organizers create amazing memories for their family and friends, all the while, making complicated trips a snap! In addition to the excellent solutions available at GroupHop, please enjoy our travel guides. We will be sharing some of the best places to go for trips with friends and family, secrets to having fantastic experiences, as well as tips and tricks to make some of the most difficult parts of planning these complicated trips a lot easier.

Finally, we’ll be asking for your feedback and input, so we can continue to improve our solution to planning and booking group trips! If you’d like to help us build something amazing, please click here to sign up, you’ll get access to all the benefits of GroupHop‘s platform, and planning a trip will never have been easier.



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