Welcome to GroupHop’s Guide to Tokyo in 8 Days

Like most of you travelers out there, you probably experience the travel itch on a weekly, if not daily basis. I know I do and sometimes with your everyday responsibilities and work it can be hard to plan a time to travel and get away.

If you are, by some miracle, able to organize yourself to take the time off work, do you want to do the basic, cheap, “I went to an all-inclusive…again”? Put some thrill and adventure in your trip, go somewhere you actually want to explore, you deserve it! Let us help to take the stress out of your trip planning. GroupHop will add ease and organization to any group trip you are planning from two people to two hundred, we have your back!

With not wanting to break my budget, I wondered if Japan would even be an option for myself and my travel partner. I am here to let you know, it is more than do-able and will be an unforgettable trip that doesn’t have to break the bank!

So let’s dive into our itinerary, some must see sights, hidden gems and a budget!

Budget: Let’s say hello to the elephant in the room friends, YOUR BUDGET. I am not too shy to tell you that our budget it actually pretty high as far as budget trips g. I and my partner are both huge Japan nerds and want to experience all we can in our short time there, including, yes, you guessed it: DISNEYLAND TOKYO! So how are we going to accomplish not feeling like we skimped on our trip and stay within our budget of $2000 EACH for 8 days in Japan, with 2 of those days being eaten up by travel days? Keep reading to see how we can make this happen for ourselves!

APRIL 7: Day One: Travel Day

How much we spent: $1600 (this is for our entire stay and return flights)*

As we are located in Canada, Japan is quite a trek for us. What you can expect for travel time is anywhere between thirteen to over thirty hours one way!

Hopefully you are reading this from someplace closer but for our purposes all the planning will be from the viewpoint of a Canadian traveler and in CAN dollars. Rolling with this mindset, we am going to try to shoot for closer to the thirteen hour mark to optimize our time in Japan and to avoid being in airports longer than we need to. We are traveling in April, so that we are there during the Cherry Blossom Season, so that will up our prices by a bit, but still doable. 

*for what we are looking for (a private hotel room) in Tokyo, this is $100 over the average I saw for places we would book- this often includes free breakfast!

APRIL 8: Day Two:  Disney Tokyo

How much we spent: $150
  • $91.74 for park admission
  • $20 for groceries for lunch
  • $5.03 for the train to Disneyland
  • $5.03 for the train back to the Hotel 
  • GroupHop - Disney Tokyo$28.20 for souvenirs and treats we want to try in the park

We figured that it was sort of a separate thing to commit to a Tokyo Disney day. We have panned to do this our first day. The cost is surprisingly not as pricey as you might think, with tickets for adults from C$91.74 for a one day park admission. With having made a grocery store trek either the night before, or the morning of, we would smuggle our own food into the park to help save ourselves some cash. All in all, we can do this day for around $150 each.

APRIL 9: Day Three: Tokyo, Japan

How much we spent: $150

Our first full day in Tokyo is a cause to explore and celebrate! A few wonderful looking places I have found for us in my research are as follows:

  • The Imperial Palace (usually around a +2 hour visit)
  • Asakusa. Tokyo’s oldest neighborhood with a lovely street market.
  • Senso-ji Temple. A beautiful Japanese religious site.
  • Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine. I’m sure you have seen all your friends posting pictures of themselves under these striking orange monuments.
  • Mt. Fuji. No need to introduce this one of course!

These are just a few of the many places we could visit in and around Tokyo. With lunch, dinner, a few of these activities and transport, I calculated our daily budget for today as $150.

APRIL 10: Day Four: Japan

How much we spent: $150

Knowing myself and my travel partner, this will most likely be a day of food. We have our continental breakfast to start the day and then we go out to explore Tokyo.

Here are a few of the delicious looking places I found to eat in and around Tokyo:

  • GYOPAO Gyoza Roppongi-this is a moderately prices Japanese Street food restaurant
  • Mugi no Oto-a cute little brewery with food options and lots of yummy draft selections
  • Honey Toast Café Akihabara-a adorable café that is vegetarian friendly!
  • Sakura Café Jimbocho-a very cheap yummy local options for the adventurous eater!

With options on activities and yummy food places, maybe we might splurge today, but even with that- you guessed it, our daily budget is around $150 each.

APRIL 11: Day Five: Japan

How much we spent: $150

With tons of markets, neighborhoods, historical and beautiful religious site to visit, we will be keeping busy and at around $150 a day for the next few days. 

Some great markets or neighborhoods to check out in Tokyo are:

  • Shin Nakamise Shopping Street. 

This is a covered shopping street located near one of Tokyo’s most important Buddhist temples, Sensoji.

  • Pokemon Mega Center. 

I am sure my travel partner will want to hit up this one!

  • Tsukiji Fish Market. There are a lot of great and super fresh seafood options and a very busy and interesting place to visit (just keep your wallet on you!)
  • Tokyo City Flea Market Oi Keibajo. 

Although you might find some language barriers here, it is a great unique spot for the thrifty traveler

APRIL 12: Day Six: Japan

How much we spent: $100

These next few days will be all about making sure we visit all the sites (listed above) we can and want to during our short time in Japan. Day six will probably 

be a bit more relaxed now that we have had a few days to explore, I assume we will spend a little less on day 6. We are going to pack in as much as we can these next few days to help optimize our experience in Tokyo.

APRIL 13: Day Seven: Japan

How much we spent: $150

With our final day of exploring Tokyo, we will splurge a bit with food and some shopping, so I will bump the budget for our last full day back to $150 for the day-which is still quite high as food can be found very inexpensively and we have our breakfast covered through our hotel.

APRIL 15: Day eight: Travel Day

How much we spent: $50

Our last day will be dedicated to travelling home. For this I will add in a small budget for airport food and other miscellaneous items. 

So all in all we learnt that we can do an 8 Day trip to Tokyo from Canada on around a $2500 budget, which is not too shabby if you ask me. The way that I have organized the planning and budget for this trip is pretty relaxed. It is a template for you to plan your dream Tokyo trip and not break the bank. Depending on you and your personal travel style, you could end up spending less than I have estimated above. I truly believe $500+ could be cut from this budget quite easily by staying in a hostel or a capsule hotel (which are very popular in Japan). You could also do a similar style of trip and find you are treating yourself and your budget was $3000+. It is all up to you, traveler. I am so glad this trip is possible for us and I can’t wait to see Tokyo!

With all my planning and booking ahead of me, I’ll be heading to GroupHop so I can formalize our plans and keep our itinerary organized.  and to cut down the time I have to set aside for this once in a lifetime trip!


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